Innovative Alternative Septic Systems

Here you will find information and links on alternatives to conventional septic systems for use in Massachusetts.

  • Bioclere
  • Singulair
  • MicroFast
  • Cultec
  • Presby Enviro-Septic
  • Jet Aerobic
  • Infiltrator

These are just a few of the over 50 approved septic technologies in Massachusetts.

What is an “Innovative Alternative (I/A) Title 5 system”?

An I/A septic system sometimes refered to as an Onsite Wastewater Recycling system is any septic system or part of one that is not designed or constructed in a way consistent with a conventional Title 5 system. A conventional system has a septic tank, a distribution box or dosing mechanism, a soil absorbtion system (leaching area) and an area designated for future use. Some examples of alternative systems are products developed using proven wastewater methods such as recirculating sand filters, aerobic treatment units, humus/composting toilets, and intermittent sand filters.

A town will consider an I/A system for an existing lot when a conventional septic system cannot be constructed in accordance with Massachusetts Title 5 regulations. For example, there may be problems with lot size, groundwater elevations, private well distances, nitrogen sensitive areas or wetland proximity.

When situations arise as stated above an Innovative Alternative system is considered. These systems are better than conventional septic systems at removing solids and other pollutants from wastewater before discharge into a leaching area and subsequently into the ground. Treating the wastewater can expand the life of a leaching area along with reducing nitrogen content. These type of systems perform very well when designed, built, operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. I/A systems are an excellent way to “go green” as they are considered very environmentally friendly.
Have an I/A on-site system already?

Know your technology. Keep good records on location of components. Maintain the system properly using a licensed Operation and Maintenance (O&M) operator.