What is Title 5?

Title 5 refers to the section of Massachusetts Law regulating the design, construction and inspections of septic systems in Massachusetts.

Why do I need an inspection?

All real estate properties serviced by a septic system in Massachusetts are required to obtain an official Title 5 inpection in order to sell a property.

What is involved with an inspection?

An inspection consists of locating all the major components of your septic system. Depending on your system, those components are the septic tank, Distribution box(D-box), pump chamber, leaching pits and leaching field.
Based on what is observed compared to the criteria set forth in the Title 5 code your septic system will either pass, fail or something minor needs repairing(a conditional pass).

How may Sewer Works help you pass Title 5?

Sewer Works will provide an honest and detailed evaluation of your septic system using our 30 years of experience and knowledge.

Our approach is simple:
“What needs to be done for you to pass”